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  • What Can Take the Place of Air Freshener
    As the most common way to improve air quality on account of its easiness to carry, simpleness to use and cheap price, air freshener is popular in normal life. What other subjects can take the place of it? If you go to a market, you can find a variety of air fresheners on shelf, red and green, bottled and box-packed, spray-type and put-type. Many people may wonder: whats basic ingredients of air freshener on earth?According to the scientific researches, a normal air freshener is made of fragrances, solvents and other glycol ethers. To frankly speaking, air freshener is to create pleasant aromas or eliminate unpleasant odors. in another word, is to use a kind of fragrance to cover the smell you dont like. Some people begin wonder: Is there something that can take the place of air freshener? Professor Xu, a prominent expert who is from Beijing University of Chinese Medicine, strongly advises that people can use orange and grapefruit peel to replace air freshener. Furthermore, peels of orange and grapefruit have great value according to Traditional Chinese Medicine. Except orange and grapefruit peel, some bonsais can used in house to keep the air fresh, such as aloe, orchid, sweet osmanthus, cinnamon, jasmine and rose Those green bonsais are not only benefit our eyes, but also freshen the air in room and bring fresh air for citizens.All in all , there are various subjects can use to freshen air as long as ideas occur to our mind. As the well-known saying goes,"Human effort is the decisive factor." However, it is imperative for us to think about the reasons over and over why there are bad smell we hate around us almost all the time. Here are two reasons can be take into consideration, firstly, it is the bad habit in daily life that causes unpleasant smell, such as smoking. Secondly, it is the worse and worse air condition which has been damaged by human being that destroys our environment in return. Hence, the above shows that not only air freshener and other subjects should be used in daily life, the action to govern our precious and unique environment are very necessary at present.There are some little things that we can take action all the time, such as do not litter and spit, do not smoke in public, protect the forest and every green trees and the blue sea.There is no denying that everyone in this planet want to enjoy a fresh and healthy life. Air freshener, in fact, is closely connects with air protecting, which is also strongly bonds with our next generations.
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  • What Can Take the Place of Air Freshener2014-02-10
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